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Aqua Illumination Blade

The Aqua Illumination Blade is a revolution to strip LED lighting and surpasses the capabilities of available accent lighting. Completely app controllable, this powerful led light solution will illuminate your reef and help your coral flourish. Key Features
  • Highly effective spectrum for coral growth with balanced blue and white diodes
  • Diode cluster configuration optimized for balance and shimmer
  • EdgeField™ Optics deliver even PAR distribution and smooth colour mixing
  • Includes tank mount  extending up to 4.5" on each size (total of 9")
  • Water resistant
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Aqua Illumination Prime HD Tank Mount

You can quickly and easily mount your Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD over your reef casa all in one aquarium with one the following mounting solutions. All of the options are elegant and each one is designed to work any reef casa aquarium. Available Prime Mounts
  • 90 degree mount
  • 12'' Flexible Mount
  • 18'' Flexible Mount
  • Hanging Kit
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Prime 16 HD – AquaIllumination

The AquaIllumination Prime 16 HD is a compact, powerful and controllable led light solution for your all in one aquarium. It really doesn't get any better than this Key Features Overview
  • Full spectrum LED light with 5 channels
  • Each color in independently controlled
  • Program sunset, sunrise, timers and dimmable all wirelessly via an app
  • Multiple easy to install tank mounts or hanging mount
  • Available in black or white
Power Specifications
  • Each light can illuminate ~ 24''x24''
  • 59w at full power
  • 120v North American style plug
  • Cable Length 20ft
Prime 16 HD mounts & hanging kits sold separately here.
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