Studio 12 Nano Reef Tank


Reef Casa 12 Gallon Nano Reef Tank:  This all in one aquarium has a convenient built in filtration and a unique low profile design you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s configure your dream saltwater aquarium 

Every Reef Casa nano reef tank comes standard with a return pump covered by a 1 year warranty. Upgrade to the Italian made Sicce silent return pump with a 5 year warranty.
Reef Casa Return Pump
Sicce 1.0 Return Pump (+64$)
Lets illuminate your nano aquarium! The Beam is suitable for all soft corals, most lps corals, anemones & fish. The Halo has built in timers, dimers, controllable led colors and is suitable for all corals. Both come with tank mounts included !
Reef Casa Beam (+56$)
Reef Casa Halo (+128$)
Lets trick out this nano aquarium with these popular upgrades. The filtration organizer is used to organize filter media. The filtration covers hide clutter, wires and the entire rear filter section. The mesh lids come fully assembled and will keep everything where they belong.
Filtration Organizer (+64$)
Filtration Cover (+32$)
Mesh Lid (+64$)
Neat Freak Filtration Basket (+48$)
This devices create random current with no moving parts. The dual random flow generator is highly recommended.
Single Random Flow Generator (+24$)
Dual Random Flow Generator (+40$)
Reef Casa Bacteria Blocks are like adding 20lbs of live rock to your tank in terms of surface area! Highly recommended. Life bacteria is bottle denitrifying bacteria to kick start your aquariums cycle.
Bacteria Hotel Blocks (+16$)
Life Denitrifying Bacteria (+12$)
Ammonia Chloride For Aquarium Cycling (+5$)
They key to long term success with any aquarium is water testing.
Salinity Refractometer (+80$)
Salifert Starting Bundle NH3, NO2 & NO3 (+48$)
Aquaforest Maintenance Bundle Kh, Ca (+60$)
Keep your aquarium sparkling and keep yours hand out with these handy magnetic glass cleaners.
Flipper Nano Glass Scraper (+34$)
Flipper Nano Scraper Replacement Baldes (+18$)
100% Aquarium Safe Glass Cleaner (+10$)
Additional 2 Months Filter Floss (+16$)
Additional 2 Months Carbon (8 Pack) (+27$)
Reef Casa Glass Hand Towel (+8$)
Keep your aquarium temperature perfect. All heaters come with a 2 year warranty and are made in Europe.
Digital Thermometer (+12$)
50w Glass Heater (+32$)
50w Ceramic Shatterproof heater (+64$)
Combat evaporation and spend more time enjoying your pico aquarium with these devices used to compensate for evaporation.
Duetto ATO (+152$)
2.5 Gallon Slim reservoir (+72$)
5 Gallon reservoir (+120$)
High gloss white stand made perfectly to match this aquarium. Splash resistant and lots of storage underneath.
High Gloss White Stand (+160$)
Stand Upgrade: Reservoir Pullout (+96$)
Water Change Floor Protector Towel (+16$)
Power Hub 6 outlet Electrical Bar (+16$)
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