Nova Refugium Light


The Nova Refugium Light was designed to the best refugium light for any application. Take your macro algae growing to the nett level with the Nova.

Frequently purchased with the Reef Casa Planter Refugium Box

Key Features Of This Refugium Light 

  • Silent compact fanless heatsink design
  • Advanced heat management through wide footprint
  • Ultra slim modern design with dual mounting options
  • LED’s Energy efficient

Click here for the nova refugium light set up manual  


  • 9 Watt total power
  • Special LED color blend (660nm, 420nm Violet , 470nm blue)
  • Dimensions: 4”W x 4’L’ x .5” tall  (10cm x 10cm x 1.3cm)
  • Gooseneck length 9.5” ( 24cm)
  • Coverage area up to  10” x 6”

What’s Included?

  • 1x Reef Casa Nova Led Fixture
  • Power supply (120v North American Plug)
  • 1 Gooseneck if purchased