Studio 12 Saltwater Aquarium Kit


The Perfect Saltwater Aquarium Kit

Looking to start you very first saltwater aquarium ? This all in one aquarium kit comes with everything you need to get your tank up and cycling

Key features of this saltwater aquarium kit

  • Everything you need to start included
  • Sand premeasured to provide prefect coverage
  • Ammonia & Denitrifying Bacteria come pre measured simply pour in

Dimensions in Inches: Width  16” x Length 15” x Height 11”

Volume: 12 Gallons / 45 Liters

Glass Thickness: 5mm (3/16”)

1 x Studio 12 All In One Aquarium ( Includes Self levelling matt, Return pump (200 gallons/hour), Plumbing for Return Pump, Directional nozzle)

6lbs of Reef Casa Sand (1” Coverage)
9-10lbs Dry Rock
1 x Bottle of Ammonia Chloride (12 gallon premeasured)
1 x Bottle Life Bacteria (12 gallon premeasured)
1 x 50ml Seachem Prime Water Conditioner
1 x 50w Heater (120v/North American Socket)
1 x Battery Operate Digital Thermometer
1 x 16 Gallon Of Reef Salt
1 x Salt Measuring Hydrometer
1 Month Supply Of Filter Floss
1 Month Supply of Activated Carbon
Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Blocks


Chamber 1 Filtration size: 3” x 3″” (76mm x 76mm)

Chamber 2 Size 3” x 7.16” and water height of  (76mm x x 182mm)

Chamber 3 Return Pump Area: 3” x 5” ( 76mm x 127mm)

Click here for the manual for this all in one saltwater aquarium kit