Vila 24 Saltwater Tank Kit


Saltwater Tank Kit

Looking for a saltwater tank kit ?  This is our largest saltwater reef tank we offer and the Reef Casa Vila kit comes with everything you need to get your very own saltwater aquarium up and running in no time.

Key features of this saltwater tank kit.

  • Everything you need to start is included right in the box!
  • Sand premeasured to provide prefect coverage
  • Ammonia & Denitrifying Bacteria come pre measured simply pour in
Vila 24 gallons (90 Liters)

Dimensions in Inches:
Width  23.6” x Length 16” x Height 14”

Dimensions in mm:
Width  600  x Length 415 x Height 355

Glass Thickness:

24 gallons (90 liters)

Everything you need to start you very own saltwater aquarium !

Reef Casa Vila  All In One Aquarium ( Includes Self levelling matt, Return pump, Plumbing for Return Pump, Directional nozzle)

Appropriate amount of Reef Casa Sand (~1” Coverage)
Appropriate amount of Dry Rock pre weight
Ammonia Chloride
Life Bacteria
Seachem Prime Water Conditioner
Glass Heater (120v/North American Socket, 2 year warranty)
Battery Operate Digital Thermometer
Box Of Reef Salt
Salt Measuring Hydrometer
1 Month Supply Of Filter Floss
1 Month Supply of Activated Carbon
Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Blocks

Click here for the manual for this all in one saltwater aquarium kit