Vila 8 Small Reef Tank


Small Reef Tank

Reef Casa is proud to make this beautiful small reef tank. At only 8 gallons this is reefing on a very intimate scale. This small reef tanks is perfect for where room is tight in your home, office or anywhere else you want to small reef tank.

Great size aquarium for new hobbyists or advanced hobbyists.  AIO aquariums are super popular alternatives to sumps as they don’t required any plumbing.

With a unique low profile design you won’t find anywhere else.

Key Features Of This Small Reef Tank

  • Built in filtration
  • 36 Month warranty
  • Pump, plumbing and fittings included
    Dimensions in Inches:
    Width  16” x Length 10” x Height 11”Dimensions in mm:
    Width  405  x Length 254 x Height 280Volume: 8 Gallons / 30 LitersGlass Thickness: 5mm (3/16”)
    1 Month of Custom sized filter floss squares (76mmx76mm)1 x 75g Bag of high purity carbon1 x Self levelling matt1 x Return pump1 x Plumbing for Return Pump1 x Directional nozzle
    Chamber 1 Filtration size: 3” x 3″” (76mm x 76mm)Chamber 3 Return Pump Area: 3” x 5” ( 76mm x 127mm)
    Click here for the manual for this all in one aquarium

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