Nano Reef Tank Lighting

The lights you put over saltwater tank is probably the single most important factor to consider when setting up a new tank. We carry only the best and highest quality led lights that have a proven track record for growing and keeping corals healthy.

halo reef casa timer

Reef Casa LED Lighting

Powerful compact and affordable lighting solutions.


High powered, compact,  reef aquarium led lighting

Great for growing all species of corals, even the most light demanding.


Nano reef tank led lighting solution. Suitable for up to 12 gallons.

Great for keeping easy to keep soft corals and LPS corals.


High powered compact refugium lights for all in one aquariums.

Take your macro algae growing to the next level.

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Ecotech Marine

Aqua Illumination & Ecotech

Top of the line American made reef aquarium lighting.

Aqua Illumination LED Lights

American made, app controlled, awesome lights.

Ecotech Radion

This pinnacle of reef aquarium lighting

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Kessil & Accessories

Top of the line American made reef aquarium lighting.

Kessil Led Lighting

Advanced LED lighting for all in one aquariums.

Halo LED Shroud

Direct light and protect your eyes with this specially designed shroud.