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The best nano reef tank

The best nano reef tank

What makes reef casa aquariums the best choice for nano reef tanks ?

Our aquarium company is relatively new but we are making huge waves in the aquarium world.



Buying a nano saltwater tank direct through our site means your buying direct from the manufacturer. Your not paying for distributors or retailers so you can enjoy all of the savings

Nano Saltwater Tank Refinement

We produce our nano reef tanks in 50-100 batches at a time. Everything we produce a batch we are improving and refining our designing. Our most popular studio 12 nano reef tank is actually on generation 4! Sometimes it’s only a small change by a few mm as we are in the constant pursuit of perfection

Modular upgrades

We want your nano reef tank to be truly your own. We have a whole range of upgrades to make your dream tank come to life. Filtration covers, customs cabinets, ato reservoirs, flow generators and more

We keep this at home

Every reef casa employee including the company founder and owner keeps a reef casa nano reef tank at home. The owner keeps the larges nano saltwater tank model the studio XL. We are the most engaged and connected with our products than any other aquarium maker

Unique sizes

Reef casa was founded in part by boredom with the available nano reef options on the market. The industry had become stagnant. We design and make unique sizes and shapes that we guarantee you won’t find anywhere else

International shipping

The nature of small saltwater tanks means we are able to

ship them internationally !