The Nicest Pico Reef Tank

The Nicest Pico Reef Tank

Its been nearly 8 months since we set up our reef casa flat 6 gallon pico reef tank and finally really starting to take shape !

I think we are really pushing what’s possible with coral keeping in pico tanks. This thing is really packed, the key to keeping it healthy and thriving is a weekly 2gallon water change. This helps to replenish all the trace elements the corals need to survive as well as reduce built up nitrates and phosphate in the water


We have added two very very tiny captive bred ora  neon gobies . They are super friendly and immidetly come up to your hands and start cleaning them if we are ever put them in the aquarium. They get fed a very small amount of reef nutrition arctipods every 2 days

We recently added this pink flowerpot coral that is doing surprisingly really well. I wasn’t sure how it would do in such a low volume of water and we have not been feeding it all, but it seems to be super healthy and extended every single day.

My favorite feature of this pico reef in the florida ricordea in the middle of the rock work. The blue rimmed orange one if my favorite from the bunch, although its the most colorful, I have never seen one quiet like it. Mushrooms and ricordea make a great coral choice for pico and nano reef tanks.


Lastly we have added two acan lords to the tank,  because there are just so many soft corals we wanted to branch out and try some different ones to see how they do. They seem to always be hungry.