Tia’s Studio 12 Nano Reef Update

Its been nearly a year since we set up this studio 12 nano reef tank and it is probably looking the best it has ever looked.

With only 12 gallons of saltwater its remarkable how much we have going on this little tank.

If your looking for this same model of nano reef tank click the link.

The center piece is a collection of beautiful flowerpot coral frags with 4 different colors. I was a little skeptical about keeping these types of corals in such a small aquarium but I’m glad to see them thriving in a nano reef.

Above them in a nice collection of zoanthids with over 12 varieties. Typically thought of as a low light coral they seem to be thriving and growing very quickly right at the top of this nano reef.

There are now 4 fish which may be too many but only time will tell.

You can get away with keeping more fish in a nano reef as long as you have a way of exporting the nutrients, the most common method being water change.

We have also added to this really cool and rare red squat lobster to the nano reef.  He can almost always be found hiding under the main cave right in the middle of the tank which is perfect.