All in one aquariums

Why Choose A Reef Casa AIO Aquarium Saltwater Kit

For saltwater hobbyists looking to purchase an All in One Aquarium there are countless options available from a wide variety of manufacturers at a dizzying array of price points.  All of this choice inevitably leads to tradeoffs, such as build quality and design versus price.  Here at Reef Casa, we  wanted to take all the guesswork out of choosing the perfect All in One Aquarium.  We are reefers too, so we meticulously designed our systems to include all the little touches that we have always wanted on our home tanks.  Combine that with an industry leading warranty and a very competitive price point and we can confidently say that Reef Casa offers the best line of All in One Aquariums available on the market today.


One of the things that make Reef Casa tanks truly stand out from the crowd is that they are designed for reefers by reefers.  Each Reef Casa tank design is repeatedly prototyped and tested for aesthetics, functionality and durability before finally being produced for sale.  Each of our prototypes was run in our store on long term tests before being put into production.  This process encouraged such innovations as an extra large skimmer chamber that can accommodate almost any nano-skimmer on the market today, a custom plate that holds the filter floss and a rear filtration chamber that maximizes water flow efficiency.  We even designed our filter floss for maximum filtration capabilities.  The shapes of both our flagship Studio 12 nano tank model and our new Flat 6 Pico Reef model are also unique to the industry, allowing reefers to create unique and one of a kind aquascapes.

In addition to unique designs and industry leading attention to detail, Reef Casa tanks also offer the longest warranty in the saltwater hobby.  We offer an unmatched 36 month guarantee on tank workmanship, including silicone.  We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are able to offer a warranty that is three times as long as many of our competitors.  For reefers who choose the Tsunami upgrade, the Sicce pump also offers an almost unheard of 5 year warranty.  With industry leading quality and the longest warranty available you can be confident that your Reef Casa aquarium will offer you years of hassle free reefing enjoyment.

While there are other high quality nano reef tanks available to reefers, none can come close to matching the Reef Casa line when it comes to price.  We are proud to offer a top of the line product at a very competitive price point.  What’s more, we offer a wide variety of packages and kits to suit every reefing budget.  For example, hobbyists can choose from three different lighting options: The budget friendly Reef Casa Beam, the popular Reef Casa Halo or the highly customizable AI Prime 16HD.  Rest assured, however, that regardless of what package you choose you will be receiving a fully reef ready aquarium capable of growing a wide variety of corals.  We also offer a wide range of competitively priced accessories such as a refractometer, digital thermometer and a variety of products, all designed to work seamlessly with your Reef Casa All in One Aquarium.

At Reef Casa all of our aquariums are designed with pride and with “by hobbyists for hobbyists” attention to detail, while maintaining a very competitive price.  When you purchase a Reef Casa aquarium you can be assured you are purchasing a high quality reef tank that will give you years of enjoyment.