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Reef Ready Aquarium

The term “Reef Ready Aquarium” gets thrown around quite a bit these days.  So what exactly is a Reef Ready Aquarium?  And why does Reef Casa offer the only 100% Reef Ready system on the market today.  We feel that Reef Ready Aquarium should mean exactly that.  You purchase the system, take it home and set it up without needing to buy a single extra piece of equipment.  Unfortunately, the term Reef Ready is usually used to describe systems that include plumbing, and possibly a return pump but generally nothing more.  The hobbyist is left to purchase a light, heater, sand, additives for cycling and much more.  Here at Reef Casa we want to make it as easy as possible to get started in the reefing hobby so we have created the world’s first true Reef Ready Aquarium.


There are many advantages to the Reef Casa Reef Reef Ready Aquarium Kits.  The first is that it takes all of the guesswork out of purchasing equipment since everything is measured and sized perfectly for your Reef Casa system.  There is no need to choose the correct sized heater, calculate the amount of sand needed or measure additives for cycling.  Everything you need is included.  This also can prevent sticker shock, where a seemingly inexpensive system ends up costing far more than you expect once all the necessary equipment is added.  With the Reef Casa Reef Ready Aquarium Kits the price you see is what it will cost to set up your system, thus eliminating any surprises.


So what exactly is included in Reef Casa Reef Ready systems?  The Studio 12 Salt Water Aquarium Kit includes everything that you need to get started.  Apart from the “designed by hobbyists for hobbyists” tank with appropriately sized return pump, you get everything else you need to get your new reef tank up and running.


WIth your purchase of a Reef Casa Studio 12 Complete Aquarium Kit you will receive:


6lbs of Reef Casa Sand (1” Coverage)

9-10lbs Dry Rock

1 x Bottle of Ammonia Chloride (12 gallon premeasured)

1 x xBottle Life Bacteria (12 gallon premeasured)

1 x 50ml Seachem Prime Water Conditioner

1 x 50w Heater (120v/North American Socket)

1 x Battery Operate Digital Thermometer

1 x 16 Gallon Of Reef Salt

1 x Salt Measuring Hydrometer

1 Month Supply Of Filter Floss

3 Month Supply of Activated Carbon

Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Blocks

The only decision that you will have to make is what light you wish to pair with the kit.  Each kit comes with an appropriately sized light but the final price will depend on which light you choose.  The most budget friendly option is the Reef Casa Beam, followed by the Reef Casa Halo and finally the AI Prime 16HD.  Most reefers opt for the Reef Casa Halo light, but we wanted to provide options at three different price points to allow hobbyists to choose the light that best suits their needs.  We have even included the dry rock to allow you to get started right away creating your dream aquascape!


Setting up a reef aquarium doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task and here at Reef Casa we want to make the process simple, affordable and enjoyable.  Our Reef Ready Aquarium Kits allow hobbyists to feel confident that they are receiving everything they need to set up a thriving reef tank.  This means more time enjoying your tank and less time running back to the store to  “pick up just one more thing.”  If you have any questions about any Reef Casa products, including our Reef Ready Aquarium Kits please reach out to us, we are here to help.  Happy Reefing!