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Frag Tanks

Frag Tanks

At Reef Casa we are always looking to innovate and design new products for the reefing community.  We are all reefers ourselves and it is this passion for the hobby that drives us to create products that we would want to use ourselves.  With that in mind, we are proud to introduce our newest product, the Reef Casa Frag Tank.


So what exactly is a frag tank and why might a hobbyist want one?  A frag tank is a small aquarium designed for growing and propagating coral frags.  They can also be used to transport frags to swap shows.  For reefers with a large display tank, selling coral frags can be a great way to offset the cost of the hobby and a frag tank is the perfect place to store and grow coral frags.  Typically, a frag tank is smaller than a display tank and contains racks, rather than a traditional substrate.  Biological filtration is often provided by housing media such as the Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Block in one of the filtration chambers, rather than using rockwork in the tank itself.

Since frag tanks are generally shallower than a traditional display tank we used the Reef Casa Flat 6 as the template for our frag tank, with a few modifications, to create a custom frag tank at a great price.  Like all of our Reef Casa All in One aquariums, our frag tank is designed for ease of setup right out of the box.  Similarly to all of our tanks it includes a return pump, plumbing, adjustable return nozzle, carbon and a months supply of our precut filter floss.  What makes this tank truly unique are the included custom frag racks that provide space to store 24 coral frags mounted on standard frag plugs.  Unlike some egg crate style frag racks, these custom racks are raised off the bottom of the tank to allow for excellent waterflow as well as to prevent the buildup of detritus.  They are also easily removable for cleaning.


If you have any questions about any of the Reef Casa line of tanks please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help!