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Aquaforest Easy Gloss Aquarium Glass Cleaner

AF Easy Gloss is an effective agent allowing easy and safe cleaning both marine and freshwater aquariums. The agent is great for dealing with even the most persistent dirt appearing on the glass of the aquarium. In a marine aquarium, it easily removes greasy stains left by saltwater. In freshwater aquariums it easily removes limescale. It allows for perfect cleaning of windows without leaving smudges. Apart from being highly effective, the product is safe for aquatic organisms, which is so important while working with aquariums full of fragile animals. The composition was made of the best ingredients that don't affect the condition of corals and fish. The unique formula has been laboratory tested to obtain the highest effectiveness while maintaining the appropriate safety of the cleaning agent. Due to this, you can use AF Easy Gloss without fear that any harmful substances will get into the skimmer. A product with a pleasant lavender scent in a convenient spray bottle. Store in a cool place away from children. How to use: Using AF Easy Gloss spray the glass cleaner with a paper towel and start cleaning the aquarium. After finishing work, polish the aquarium again, this time with a dry towel. Key features:
  • The composition is fully safe for fish and corals
  • Suitable for any type of the aquarium
  • Efficient and effective
  • Effectively removes greasy stains from the glass surface
  • Removes limescale
  • No smudges
  • Pleasant lavender scent
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Brightwell Potassion 250ml


Potassium Solution Primarily for Reef Aquaria Housing SPS Corals


  • Highly-concentrated ionic potassium solution.
  • Provides potassium, an important component of aragonite (the mineral secreted as skeletal material by corals and other reef-building marine organisms), complexed into pigments that enhance blue coloration of some small-polyp stony corals, important to proper neurological function, and depleted in marine aquaria by livestock.
  • 80,000 ppm K; considerably stronger and more economical than competing potassium products.
  • May be used to combat potassium depletion that often accompanies the use of zeolite-based filtration methods employed to maintain ultra-low-nutrient aquaria.
  • Formulated by a marine scientist.
  • For complete information, click the ‘Technical’ button at the top right.
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Ceramic Aquarium Heater

These ceramic submersible aquarium heaters are an innovative solution to less than reliable traditional glass heaters. they are completely self regulating, energy efficient and extremely safe. The thermostat keeps your reef dialed in and is accurate to ±0.5° indicated by an integrated LED display showing you both set temperature and current temperature settings simultaneously. The ceramic heaters include an automatic shutoff to prevent overheating and a shatterproof outer casing make these heaters virtually indestructible.
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Drilled Tank

Reef Casa 24 X-FLO Drilled Aquarium If your looking for a drilled aquarium with an external overflow this it ! Our most popular studio 24 gallon aquarium footprint except with a built in overflow box and return line.
    • Dimensions: Width  22” x Length 20” x Height 12” (mm 560  x 506 x 305)
    • Display Volume: 24 Gallons / 90 Liters
    • Glass Thickness: 6mm
    • Unique Shallow design
    • Built in overflow box
    • Pre drilled for drains and returns
    • 36 Month warranty

    Reef Casa Drilled 24 gallon aquarium

    Built in overflow box

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    Flat 6 Ghost Edition White Out Kit

    Ghost edition Make your reef casa flat 6 white with the ghost upgrade kit Includes: Back white filter panel White Filtration cover 2 White out stickers for side of filter Optional white lid
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    Flipper Nano Float – Magnetic Aquarium Algae Cleaner

    The ultimate magnetic aquarium glass scraper  Use this tool the keep your aquarium glass super clean without putting your hands in the tank. The patented magnetic 2 in 1 magnetic glass cleaner can quickly flip from scrubber to scraper simple by rotating the handle. The super slim profile also ensure you can easily clean glass without moving any rock work inside your all in one aquarium. Work with all reef casa aquariums and aquarium to up 1/4'' thick glass thickens Replace blades every 3 months to keep glass looking clean and avoid scratching  Dimensions: 3"L x 1.5"W x .5"H You can find the replacement blades here 
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    Foto: Orange Camera Lens For Aquarium Photography

    Use this lens to block out blue light and start taking stunning photos of your saltwater aquarium Key Features Of This Aquarium Monitor
    • Work will all cellphone makes
    • XL camera lens
    • Dual camera lens colors
    • Install in seconds
    What’s Included?
    • Camera lens clip
    • Orange camera lens
    • Yellow camera lens
    • Carry case
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    Frag Master Tool Kit

    Frag Kit Become a frag master with our frag tool kits. Everything you need to begin making your own frags What’s Included?
    • 1 x Reef Casa Acrylic Frag Rack ( holds 48 frag)
    • 48 full cured ceramic frag plugs
    • 2 x 1 oz bottle of reef safe glue
    • Stainless steel bone cutters
    • Stainless steel scissors
    • Custom Reef Casa carry box
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    Fragbox Reefing Fam T Shirt Black

    Please specify size in your order notes All proceeds from the t shirt sales go to donating aquariums to schools ! Get a shirt, Give a tank !!
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    Inkbird Wifi Temperature Controller

    Ink Bird ITC-306a gives you ultimate control over your reef tanks temperature through the convenience of your phone! Experience temperature control like never before with easy connection, precision readings and alarms directly to your phone. Connect up to two heaters to your aquarium to maintain stable water temperature. With a dual-screen LCD display you can monitor your aquariums set temperature and current temperature all at once! Protect your reef tank with two probes ensuring temperature stability and protection allowing your heaters to be shup off in case of failure.
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    Mini Wavemaker

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    Reef Casa Backpack ATO Water Reservoir

    Reef Casa Backpack ATO Reservoir  This specially designed acrylic reservoir is meant to sit behind your Reef Casa Studio 12 aquarium when a traditional reservoir place on the floor or underneath he aquarium is not possible. We also carry 5 gallon ato reservoirs  and 10 gallon auto top off reservoirs.  Key Features Of This ATO Water Reservoir
    • Custom made high quality acrylic
    • Seats neatly behind your aquarium
    • Comes with custom made lid
    • Works with the Reef Casa Studio 12 Aquarium
    • Holds 2 gallons of fresh water
    • 40cm wide x 8cm long x 25xcm tall
    What’s Included?
    • 1 x Backpack reservoir for Studio 12
    • 1 x Custom made reservoir lid
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