Frag Tanks

What Is A Frag Tank ?


Saltwater aquariums come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  From lagoon tanks, to peninsula tanks and even drop off style tanks there is seemingly a tank for every budget and space.  One unique type of tank that is becoming increasingly popular are frag tanks.  Put simply, a frag tank is a tank that is specifically designed for the storage and display of coral frags.  At Reef Casa we are proud to offer a full line of Frag Tanks to meet the needs of saltwater enthusiasts.  Many reefers find that the corals in their display tanks grow quite quickly and need to be trimmed regularly.  A frag tank allows for these pieces of coral to be saved and either sold or traded with other hobbyists.  This also means that hobbysists can avoid unsightly frag racks in their main display tank.  Frag tanks also offer a simple way to display frags at coral shows without disrupting a main display tank.  While a frag tank shares many of the traits of other reef tanks there are some differences as well.

One of the main unique characteristics of a frag tank is their depth.  Because they are designed to store corals, rather than act as a small piece of the ocean in the living room, they tend to be shallower than most other tanks.  This allows for more uniform flow as well as better light penetration.  Frag tanks also tend to forgo the rockwork and substrate that are found in traditional tanks and instead rely on biomaterial such as the Reef Casa Bacteria Hotel Block for the growth of beneficial bacteria.  Frag Racks are generally placed on the bottom of the tank to hold the frags and, if necessary, magnetic racks can also be used on the sides of the tank.  Frag tanks still require the same basic equipment as other tanks, including a properly sized return pump, heater and, possibly, a wavemaker or powerhead.


While not a necessity for all hobbyists frag tanks can make a useful addition to a saltwater setup