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Ammonia Chloride For Aquarium Cycling

Reef Casa Ammonium Chloride is used to kick start your aquariums cycle process !
  • 1oz Bottle of pure ammonium chloride
  • Cycles 12 gallons of salt water
  • Concentration designed to finalize in nitrates of ~10ppm
  • Works great with Reef Casa Life Bacteria
Ammonium Chloride is used instead of using decaying organic matter that naturally breaks down into ammonia.  This is the cleanest and easiest way of starting the cycle process. Instructions  The concentration of each bottle is specially designed to cycle approximately 12 gallon of salt water. Simply pour the entire contents of the bottle into salt water of 1.026, its that easy ! Do not overdose. Adding more than 1 oz bottle per 12 gallons will not speed up cycling process. This product is designed to be a food source for denitrifying bacteria -  use in conjunction with Reef Casa Life Bacteria.  
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Life Denitrifying Bacteria

Reef Casa Life denitrifying bacteria is used to safely and quickly established a bio filter in new salt water aquariums. Works perfect for fishless cycling of all in one aquariums with Reef Casa  Ammonia Chloride.
  • 1oz  bottle - cycles 12 gallons of salt water
When to use ?
  • Setting up a new tank
  • After adding a new fish
  • To remove harmful ammonia
How to Use
  • Shake bottle vigorously
  • Pour into saltwater mixed to 1.025 and temperature must be 75-78F
  • Pour into area of high flow
  • If using protein skimmer turn off until cycle complete
  • Must use with ammonia source
This bacteria need a food source in order to survive and thrive - use in conjunction with Reef Casa Ammonia Chloride .
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